Auto Glass

A Broken Car Window

Car windows are a safety factor when you are driving on the road. Your car window will protect you from experiencing temperature changes, and also protects you from the wind effects of traveling at high speed. When a car window is broken you will not have the protection as it will attract thieves to your vehicle, also you won’t be protected from natural factors of the environment for example rain, dust, and pests will enter your vehicle.

Below are some of the reasons that lead to a broken car window:
Environmental factors – the temperature can interfere with the condition of the auto glass window. You should have in mind how and the place you park your vehicle matters. As a driver, you should park your car in an area that has a conducive climate, avoid areas that experience fluctuating temperatures that will result in a broken window.

Vehicle accidents – Being involved in an accident can result in multiple damages including a broken car window. This usually depends on the car accident impact.

Installation of a low-quality glass – Vehicle manufacturers may produce a car using low-quality materials that in most cases don’t last on the road. This may also occur when you take your car for glass replacement in an auto glass shop that doesn’t follow standards.

Installations that go wrong – Some auto glass shops may not have technicians that are skilled hence not provide you with professional service.

Having a broken car window is hazardous on the other hand you can still have it on the road before you take it for repair. You can fix it temporarily and it will still serve you for a while. You may be forced to do this due to unavoided circumstances. It could be a case where you have to wait for the right glass model to be available in the market or take orders from the car manufacturers and this may take a while.

You will be required to take care of your car before having it repaired, this will be for your safety. You will need to do the following while you wait to repair your car:

Clear off the broken glass, ensure you have protective gear for example use of gloves. Use a vacuum as this will be able to pull out all the glass particles that cannot be removed using your hand.

Use cardboard to cover the window, you may also use a tape by overlapping it on one another until it covers the whole window. To achieve this, you will need to clean the window properly to make it easy for the tape to stick. To avoid a repeat of this procedure, make sure that there are no gaps as the spaces would make the tape tear up.

Bottom line

Take note that the above should just be a temporary solution to protect the driver and maybe the passengers too. Also after considering this solution you should reduce your speed on the road. This would serve to protect not only you but also any other passengers in the vehicle.

By Alex Anderson: